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How to Download Badjojo Videos

I am not sure why this has started happening or how long it will last, but when a FLV file is attempted to be downloaded, instead of downloading, it has been opening a page full of strange looking text. Strange text
In actual fact that strange looking text is the code that makes up the FLV file, for some reason IE and FF have started seeing these files as plain text and displaying the text instead of prompting to download the file!
So if you are seeing plain text instead of being asked to download the FLV file then follow the steps below.

1: Enter the id of the video you want to download and click the download button. save page as

2: Now if the page opens with a lot of garbled text, wait for the page to finish loading,
then in the top left of your FireFox browser, click on “File” then “Save Page As”

3: This opens the “Save As” dialog box, navigate to the directory you want to save your FLV file in and click save.
That’s it!

I have only tried this in FireFox, it may work in IE but if it does not then it maybe time to look at upgrading to FireFox, and It’s free so you may as well.
Hopefully this is only temporary, but if continues, I will spend some time trying to figure out a better solution.

I have also noticed that more videos are showing up as "Not Found"
If you can view the badjojo video but can not download them because of the "not found" problem then try this following tip:

When viewing the video in a Firefox browser, Press the Ctrl key and while holding the Ctrl key down press "U" on the keyboard.

This opens up the page source window.
You can also click on "View" then "page source" in the menu bar.

Now you have to find the address of the FLV file you want to download, To do that, Hold down Ctrl and press "F" on the keyboard or click "Edit" then "find" in the menu bar.
This opens a search box at the bottom left hand side of the source view window.

Now type in to the box ".flv" Make sure you place the dot in front of the flv,
This will take you to the address you need. It will look something like this
Now highlite the full http address, then right click and choose "copy" from the drop down menu.
Then Paste the http address in to your browser address bar and hit enter on the keyboard.
That will start the download.

I know it seems like a bit of a pain to do, but it is the only way I know at the moment.
My Badjojo downloader still works for most of the videos, so you should not have to do this to often.
If this seems like to much effort, then you could try the provided download link on badjojo's site.
Thanks for reading.
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Tip number 2! Another way of finding these types of videos is to use a megaupload search engine, badongo search engine or rapidshare search engine, just type the name or genre of a video you want, and download it for free ;)
this one wil search both rapidshare and megaupload at the same time.


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