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This form utilises the intitle: or "index.of" search technique. If you are not sure how to get the best results from using this technique then please read my Search tips
Those that already know can go ahead and use the "index of" search form below.

This search form searches for these types of files:
* PDF - portable document format created by Adobe for their Acrobat products.
* LIT - Microsoft Reader for PC and PPC.
* TXT - Plain Text format, Read by Handybook.
* RTF - Rich Text Format, MS Word.
* DOC - MS Word document format, Quickword for mobilephones.
* RGO - repligo format, for repligo viewers.
* PDB - palm database file, eBook v1.03, Handybook, eReader, etc.
* PRC - palm resource file, mobipocket for PDAs and smartphones, eBook v1.03, etc.
* JAR - executable java ebooks for supported symbian phones.

I have had to removed the search form due to compliance reasons, but have updated my search tips page by adding the search strings I have been using so you can perform the “intitle” search yourselves. Just copy and paste :)



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