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Here I will post links to free samples, giveaways, freebies from promotions etc.
Companies will often give away free samples of new and old products, just to get there product in to the homes of the people who otherwise would not buy there products.
They do this in the hope that once people have tried them they will like and continue to use (And Buy) there stuff. Great marketing for them and a great source of free stuff for us ;-)
To get these free samples you will need to submit your details,
Sometimes when you give out details such as email address or phone number you could be subjected to unwanted spam or telemarketers.
My Advise would be To sign up for a free email account Like Hotmail or Gmail so your personal email address is safe from spam,
Just give a fake phone number if you are asked for one.

Contact lens care kit
includes holder and solution in a nice carry case.

Got a Dog?
Get a free Dr Harry DVD.

Smelly stuff
Gant Liquid Toilette Spray

Free ubuntu

Free Environmental Pack Valued at $100
I think its for NSW & ACT residents only.. Give it a try

Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2
GTA Absolutely free

Colgate Toothpaste
One week's supply

FREE Fing'rs product to try

Attitude by Giorgio Armani
Attitude by Giorgio Armani

free Pelikan-Artline sample

Project U
free 'Project U' DVD

DVD about Fly-in Fishing in Canada
offer is worldwide

Morning Fresh Dishwasher Tablets
Free Sample of 5 in 1

Olay Total Effects
free Olay Total Effects sample

Dove Shampoo & Conditioner
Free Sample

Estee Lauder
Free sample of Estee Lauder pleasures delight at Perfume Connection
Estee Lauder

Anti Acid or a PhytoTherapeutic sample
Carolux is avaliable in an Anti Acid or a PhytoTherapeutic sample.

Sean John perfume
Print this and take it into a perfume connection store

Vital Greens
Australian & New Zealand Residents Only

Thinking of quitting smoking?

Wood or paint products
Free sample

Free DVD how to raise kids
courtesy of the Australian Government

Net Alert Internet Filter
courtesy of the Australian Government

Hillmark stainless steel cleaners

Cacharel Liberte
women's fragrance

So Good Soy Milk
FREE sample of So Good Soy Milk

Holosync CD
Be prepared to be harrased by spam

Legends of Aussie Rock'n'Roll
free CD

Free cookbook and spice paste.
cookbook and spice paste.

Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream
free sample

2 SMRT 4U™ ring
== click on picture of the ring ==

Boags Draught Dog tag
Free Boags Draught Dog tag

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