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As some of you may already know, Web hosting companies such as Rapidshare and Megauploads contain a treasure chest of files. Rapidshare alone has a reported 4 Petabytes of storage and 200 Gigabit/s of Internet connectivity.
If you thought that the files you upload were only accessable by you and those that you choose to give access to, then think again.

How it works!

Rapidshare and megauploads are web hosts,

With Rapidshare you can put your files online for free. You decide who will be able to access and download your files. You give the URL (link) to the people you want to be able to download your files. So only the people knowing the exact download URL will be able to access them.
Files get deleted when they have not been accessed for more than 90 days or you can use the delete link that you get when you get your download link.

Anyone can download from rapidshare for free BUT there are restrictions, when you click on the free download button you are taken to a page with a timer on it, (Between 1 and 2 minutes) Once that has finished counting down, you are prompted to enter some text or numbers in to a box before the download starts.

Also free users may only download a certain amount of Megabytes per hour. If this amount is exceeded, a message will appear and tell you how long you have to wait before you can download more files.

To download files from Rapidshare, you need to know the URL of the file, So unless someone gives you the URL via email or you find a URL or link on a webpage and click on it, Then you would never be able find anything on rapidshare.A quote from there website states...
"For privacy-reasons we do not offer a search-engine (See FAQ). Thus your uploads are safe here and will only be downloaded by the people you give the URL to."
...Well that sounds ok, It would Sound safe and private enough for most people who read that statement... BUT.

They forgot that we know how to use Google ;-)

How do I find these URLs?

The easiest way to do this is by doing a site search, EG: site:domain.com, Or in this case you do not need to as I have customized the Search box below to only search rapidshare and megaupload ;-)

Now to refine the search results, so you don't have to go through pages and pages of results to find the files you want, you will need to enter some search parameters. The easist way is to just highlight the parameter you wish to use, and copy and paste it into a search box. But first I will explain how they work... On second thoughts, just go here if you want to know. I will just explain what you need to know.

When searching, enter your search word or words then add the parameter, you must leave a space between the search words and the parameter. So if for example you were at google.com, and you were searching for a video called "abc" you would type:
abc avi|wmv|mpg|mpeg|flv|mov|rmvb site:domain.com
If you use the search box below then just click the search button and leave off the "site:domain.com" parameter.

To search for videos, Choose your favorite webhost, enter you search term, and use the following parameter.

To search for music, Choose your favorite webhost, enter you search term, and use the following parameter.

To search for Ebooks, Choose your favorite web hosting services...

To search for Images, Choose your favorite web hosting services...

To search for Programs, Applications or Archives Choose your favorite web hosting services...

Search megaupload and rapidshare at the same time using the search form below!
If you would like to search Rapidshare or Megaupload separately, then you can use UVRX
Here to search Megaupload here to search Rapidshare. UVRX also searches Badongo, Megarotic, 4Shared, ASApload, Zhare, Taringa, and MediaFire.
Or use the box below to search rapidshare and Megaupload at the same time

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If you know of other Web hosts that you would like to try, Then add the site search parameter to the end of your search. EG: abc zip|rar|exe site:webhost.com and click the web button.
Or you can also try my MP3 search, 3GP search, Video search, Image Search and Ebook search
These search forms do not search a web hosting service, They search the web.

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