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.: SmitFraudFix

SmitFraud is a type of spyware that installs itself into a computer via adware, without any notice from the user.
Most of the time, it installs itself after the computer user installs a fake codec, such as BrainCodec, PCodec or VideoKeyCodec
Use this URL to download the latest version and save to your desktop. (the file contains both English and French versions)
You can download it from here

1: Print out these instructions as we will need to close every window that is open later in the fix.

2:Download SmitfraudFix.exe from the above link and save it to your desktop:

3: Next, reboot your computer into Safe Mode by doing the following:
Restart your computer

4: After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap on the F8 key.
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu should appear

5: Select the option, to run Windows in Safe Mode.
When you are at the logon prompt, log in as the same user you normaly do
When your computer has started in safe mode and you see the desktop.
Close any Windows that may be open.

6: Now, double-click on the SmitFraudfix icon that should be residing on your desktop.
When the tool first starts you may see a credits screen. press any key on your keyboard to get to the next screen

7: You will now see a menu, Press the number on your keyboard and the press the enter key to choose the option Clean (safe mode recommended).
The program will start cleaning your computer and go through a series of cleanup processes. When it is done, it will automatically start the Disk Cleanup program, This program will remove all Temp, Temporary Internet Files, and other files that may be leftover files from this infection. This process can take up to a few hours depending on your computer, so please be patient.

8: When Disk Cleanup is finished, you will be presented with an option asking Do you want to clean the registry ? (y/n). At this screen you should press the Y button on your keyboard and then press the enter key.

9:When this last routine is finished, you will be presented with a red screen stating Computer will reboot now. Close all applications. You should now press the spacebar on your computer. A counter will appear stating that the computer will reboot in 15 seconds. Do not cancel this countdown and allow your computer to reboot.

10: Once the computer has rebooted, you will be presented with a Notepad screen containing a log of all the files removed from your computer. Examine this log, and when you are done, close the Notepad screen.
Your computer should now be free of the SmitFraud infection.

The folks who made this fix, did so for free! However you can thank them by buying them A Coffee!

.: Media Player audio playback issue

Windows media player and Windows Media Center skipping during playback has been and issue for me for awhile but I have found a fix that works well for me and does not seem to effect performance in any way.
click Start, then Run, then type dxdiag then click OK. This opens Microsoft's "DirectX Diagnostic Tool".
Click on the sound tab and turn the hardware sound Acceleration level to no Acceleration then click on the Music tab and in the directx features panel click disable so that the default port acceleration is disabled. Click exit to close the Directx Diagnostic tool and then test Windows Media Player to see if it has fixed the problem. Worked for me, Hope it works for You as well.


Anyone else getting these messages?
I started getting them the day after my Vodafone prepay credit ran out, that was 3 days ago.
After getting my first SYS ALERT message I called Customer Care and got the standard pre recorded voice of some lovely young lady telling me to listen to the whole message before I recharge.
Huh! Recharge! I only rang because I was told to contact customer care in the SMS they sent me.
Oh well, I listen to the whole message because I want to know which number I should press to talk to a real person, then at the end of the message the only options I get are to "press 1 to recharge" or "press 9 to exit this system" (God bless them)
So I wonder if this is some friendly “top up your account” reminder that Vodafone is sending! If it is then I would think that the message should say
“Friendly reminder to top up your account”
The fact that the message title says “SYS ALERT” makes it sound like something is wrong and seems to be quite an alarming title if its only supposed to be a friendly reminder, and the message body itself contains words like “Invalid Prepay account status. Please contact Customer Care.” Well that just makes you want to ring customer care to find out what is wrong with your account! But when you do contact them, you are only given the option to either recharge your account or exit the system! That makes me think this is Vodafone's attempt to try and get people to recharge faster!
Well I don't like the idea getting SMS messages 3 times a day like clockwork until I recharge my Vodafone account, so I wonder if there is any way to turn these “reminders” off.
Click here To find out how to stop these SYS ALERT messages


.: Free MSG Scam?

Ever get missed or phone calls from 0414113600, 0280052974, 19700130, 0731189556, 0399377700?
Me too.

I got a missed call from 0414113600 and when I rung back it turned out to be an unassigned number, This was on the 5th October 2007 2:28pm, Turns out that Vodafone use this number to do there cold calls. So I am glad I missed the call :-)


Then a few days later I get a phone call from 0280052974, when I answered all I heard was a recorded message about some sports quiz. “Just press 5 on your phone and you will be credited $50 to you sports quiz sms account”, Then the message raved on about how the terms and conditions could be read on some website. (I missed the web address) Then the voice carries on. “Come on, join now press ANY number on the key pad”. I thought to myself, this is a scam, and as long as I don't press any numbers on the key pad then this call won't cost me anything, but will cost the scammers because they called me, so I just listen for a bit longer, but then the phone went dead! Like they hung up, I never pressed any numbers on the key pad. This happened on 8th October 2007 2:07pm, from 0280052974

then a txt msg... as follows
Subject: FreeMSG
Msg: Welcome 2 QuizSMS. U can win iPods & Plasma TVs by answering a weekly Q the fastest. Ur FREE $50 Voucher will follow via SMS. Cost$5pw optoutreplystop
From: 19700130 9th OCT 2007 6:15am
(I never recieved the $50 Voucher SMS, prob because I never pressed the keypad)

30 Oct 2007... Subject: Free MSG.
Msg: QuizSMS: Bonus Rnd. Win a 42" Plasma TV. Q'n will follow shortly. Fastest correct reply wins TV. Opt out reply stop. Support call 1300662562
From: 19700130

31 Oct 2007.... Subject: Free MSG.
Msg: WIN 42' PLasma TV in bonus rnd. Q'n will follow shortly. You are subscribed to 19700130.
Cost $5 p/w. To cancel reply STOP, help 1300662562.
From: QuizSMS

I should point out that even though the message say's "Q'n will follow shortly" I have never had a question sent to me..

04 Nov 2007.... Subject: Free MSG.
Msg: You are subscribed to 19700130.
FYI only, you've passed $30 spend on this serivce. to cancel reply STOP, Helpline 1300662562
From: QuizSMS

Well I think its time to log in to vodafone and see if they have let these people steel $30 from my account!
Well I can't find any monies taken from my account so maybe I have not used up my free $50 credit yet!

29-NOV-07... Subject: Free MSG.
Msg: QuizSMS: Bonus Rnd. Win a 42" Plasma TV. Q'n will follow shortly. Fastest correct reply wins TV. Opt out reply stop. Comp Closes 5pm Friday 30th Nov
From: 19700130

30 Nov 07... Subject: Free MSG.
Msg: You are subscribed to 19700130. Cost $5 p/w. To cancel send STOP to 19700130,
for support call 1300662562
From: QuizSMS

At this stage I can only think that they want me to reply STOP to the message as I will be charged for that reply, or to call for support so they can make money of me that way.
As long as I have no money being withdrawn from my account then I will not do anything as it must be costing them to send these messages.

08 Dec 2007.... Subject: Free MSG.
Msg: You are subscribed to 19700130.
FYI only, you've passed $30 spend on this serivce. to cancel reply STOP, Helpline 1300662562
From: QuizSMS

Well around this time my V3X 3G phone that I was using decided to pack it in! Buttons just stopped working. Oh well I had a spare.
So I load my Vodafone sim card into my NEC N412i and all was good, except I can't seem to get a 3G signal from it, Never mind! I don’t think I need it anyway do I? Na.
Well anyway, I never received another message from them clowns at QuizSMS! Changing phones must have confused them.
Err God bless them



20 Dec 2007 11:05am I get a missed call from 0731189556, (well my phone rings once and they hang up so I get a missed call message left on my phone). So I phone the number back as I normally do when I get a missed call, and instead of a person answing the phone all I get is a recorded message... Congratulations... Your acount has been credited with a free trial of the quiz club trivia bla bla bla.. Who is the current Australian prime minister? 1. John Howard? 2. Keven Rudd?... I don't bother answering the question and they hang up... Well it turns out that my account had not been credited anything, And because I rung them the call cost me $0.68c. What a scam!
Shortly afterwards, (at 12 oclock on the dot) I get another phone call but this time from 0399377700, But because I had my phone in my hand I was able to answer the call as soon as it started ringing, After I said Hello, I thought I could hear someone on the other end but they did not respond so I said Hello again, then the phone goes dead.. I haven't rung that number back yet. I may do later, I bet its more spam! (Update!) I recieved a txt message from Mike who found my site after Googling the number after he also had a missed call from 0399377700, He DID ring the number back, and has informed me that he got a message offering to remove his phone number from there database if he left a message.
Thanks for that info Mike, Keep us posted.

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